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Legal Representation

In order to protect your rights, you have to understand them. That’s why it’s crucial to work with an experienced attorney who can translate the law into plain English when you are facing a complicated legal matter. At Balian Legal, our highest priority is keeping you informed as your case progresses so that you feel confident throughout the process as we work to achieve the best outcome available in your case.


A strong defense against misdemeanor and felony charges.

Business Law

Formation, contract drafting and other legal services for your small business.

Family Law

Advice on divorce and related matters, such as child custody and support.

Commercial Litigation

Aggressive legal support to help your business resolve disputes in and out of court.

A Well-Rounded Firm Serving Detroit And Beyond

Our firm offers a wide range of services, with a focus on the following practice areas.
  • Criminal defense for a wide range of misdemeanors and felonies, including drunk driving
  • Family law, including divorce and child custody and support
  • Business law, including commercial litigation

We are happy to assist you in any one-off legal matter, but we also pride ourselves on our ability to build long-term relationships with our clients. By earning our clients’ trust in one legal matter, it is our pleasure to serve them in future issues as they arise.

Marie Moore - Real Estate Broker

Michael and Balian Legal, PLC really understood my needs when I came to them for legal advice concerning my Real Estate business. Michael listened to me carefully and was diligent when it came to updating my office forms I was requesting. During our consultation he asked a lot of questions and made me feel comfortable and confident. He was prompt and professional. I highly recommend Balian Legal, PLC and will continue a business relationship with Michael as needed in the future. 

Clay Gergel

Very knowledge in representation of OWI charge. Provided experienced guidance and professional through pre-trial and sentencing. By following his guidance of preparation for sentencing, the court gave a lesser sentence than the norm with the given circumstances. 

Kenny Keelin

His level of personal care, and his extensive knowledge of the legal and court system is second to none. I literally owe him my life. 

Matthew Martinec

Absolute best attorney in town – Would never use anyone else. Always stays in contact and has our best interests as his top priority. If you need an attorney for anything – CALL MIKE

Luis P.

Michael provided excellent service. I was referred by Jason Rudolph legal service and hands down one of the best attorneys I’ve used as representation. He has represented me in the most professional manner, his ethics are of the highest standards. He is personable, courteous, knowledgeable, and honest. He is quick to respond, and gives you all possible outcomes upfront and throughout your case. Excellent attorney, and I am eternally grateful for the outcome of my case. 

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