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What Parents Need To Know When Facing Divorce

Create A Sustainable Plan For Child Custody And Child Support

Divorce is hard enough when only two people are involved; it is significantly more complicated for couples with children. At Balian Legal, PLC, we can help you navigate this process efficiently. Our goal is always to help our clients maintain the relationship they desire with their children.

Whether you are the higher-earning or lower-earning parent, we can help you establish a child support arrangement that adequately provides for your child without putting an unfair financial burden on either parent. We will also help you draft the specific terms of custody and parenting time, so that your child gets to see both parents often.

What Parents Need To Know When Facing Divorce

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when thinking about how your children can affect the divorce process.

  • Remember that your child’s needs come first. You may not like every detail of your child custody or child support plan, but it’s important to keep in mind that these plans are created to ensure that your son or daughter has a happy and healthy childhood.
  • Plans need to be sustainable. Your needs matter too, and our firm will not hesitate to advocate for your interests. But when negotiating over custody or child support payments, remember that your arrangement must meet all parties’ needs so that it can last for years.
  • Plans do sometimes require modifications. Families change over time, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that your custody or support plan will change, too. As children get older, their needs change and their decision-making powers improve.

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