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We represent Detroit businesses when disputes arise

We represent Detroit businesses when disputes arise

Running a business in the Detroit metro area is a complicated endeavor, with many duties and obligations. This also means that, from time-to-time, business disputes will arise. Disputes can arise with competitors, partners, employees and other interested parties. Our firm stands ready to help clients with business litigation.

Options for resolution

Sometimes business disputes can be resolved out of court. For example, it may be possible to mediate a business dispute. Through mediation, each party will work with a neutral third-party mediator to resolve their issue. The mediator is not a decision-maker. Instead, the mediator facilitates conversations between the parties with the goal of reaching a resolution to their legal issue. A party can still be represented by an attorney, even if they choose mediation. Other forms of alternative dispute resolution proceedings our firm has experience in include facilitations, conference trials, and arbitration.

When litigation is necessary

However, if alternative dispute resolution processes fail, it may be necessary to litigate your business dispute. Our firm has extensive experience in litigating business matters. Some of these matters include employment law issues, zoning issues, construction disputes, contract disputes and insurance coverage disputes, among others.

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Our firm is committed to providing our clients with the skill and commitment to advocate for their rights and achieve their goals. To learn more about our firm’s services, we invite you to visit our firm’s commercial litigation website for further information on this important topic.